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Capi2 is a digital power distribution system for motor and sailing yachts . The system is based on advanced bus technology. The Capi2 system replaces traditional wiring looms.

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Power distribution systems for yachts, campers and custom-made vehicles.
Easy installation, flexible and innovative. That is Capi2.

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Communication And Power In 2 wires

The obvious choice for each yacht, camper and custom vehicle builder

Capi2 is a digital power distribution system for yachts as well as automobiles. The system is based on advanced and highly flexible bus technology.

Capi2 not only offers infinite possibilities but also provides ease of use for end-users as it replaces traditional wiring looms.

Capi2 stands for “Communication And Power in 2 Wires”. Capi2 is primarily designed for the yacht and custom-made vehicle building industry. It consists of two power supply cables and a data cable.

Capi2 is also easy to install and maintain, which makes it the obvious choice for each yacht builder and ship yard.

Total control of your ship. Always and everywhere.

Why Capi2?

  • Safe and reliable

    Less cables makes the system not only more reliable, but also reduces the risks of for example fire.

  • Entirely waterproof

    Power nodes are insensitive for vibrations and are fully potted, which makes them waterproof.

  • Rapid fault diagnosis

    With the Capi2 software and online data-sharing any malfunctions are easily found and resolved.

  • Flexible configuration possibilities

    Every node is programmable to perform exactly that function you need.

  • Low consumption

    The power consumption in stand-by mode is only 0,01 – 0,0 mA per node.

  • Modular

    If connected equipment unexpectedly malfunctions, only the power node that connects this equipment will be bypassed. The rest keeps functioning.

Ready-to-Go packages

To make it easy for you to switch from a conventional system to Capi2, we offer you complete packages. These include support and are customized to the length and type of your vessel.

Benefits for assembly partners

  • Rapid and easy installation

    Save time and mounting material. The Capi2 system consists of 2 main cables [power supply] and 1 data cable only. No complex wiring looms susceptible to failure.

  • No stock

    All Capi2 parts are immediately available. You do not need expensive stock.

  • Effective support

    With our interactive support we help you choose the right configuration and answer any questions about installation or maintenance.